Tiger’s popularity drops

The New Year is a fitting time to reflect and think what could have been done differently. What better case study to use, then golfing great and ex-nice guy, Tiger Woods.

We have to say; “ex-nice guy” since recent events show Mr. Woods in a different light than was heretofore imagined. Tiger Woods appeared to epitomize all that was good and great about golf. If there was ever a sports super star who personified calm, grace and dignity, surely it had to be Tiger Woods.

According to The Huffington Post, four years ago Woods’ “unfavorable” rating was only 8%. After his admitted infidelity, it surged to 57%. This is the reason that many of his sponsors like; Accenture, ATT, Gillette (his sponsorship deals amounted to $105 million last year)have dropped him or are reconsidering their association with the once great Mr. Woods.

Initially, many were saying that this was merely a “storm in a teacup’ and wagered that his future earnings from endorsements would not be at risk. Soon after though, the fall-out began with Gatorade cancelling their Tiger drink and even the neutral Swiss stopping to re-think his endorsement by Tag Heuer.

Perhaps the saddest loss outside of losing his family, must be the cancellation of his nomination for the Congressional Gold Medal - the highest award a civilian can achieve from the house of congress.

This is the reason why we emphasize growing and protecting your REPUTATION at every training course put on by SEXTON. It doesn’t matter if you are the world’s greatest golfer, footballer or E.P. agent, at the end of the day, if you don’t have a great reputation, what good is it?

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