Personal Protection Specialist Training

The Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) course was designed and developed for security personnel who are tasked with protecting clients – either in the United States or abroad. Also known as Executive Protection (E.P.), these agents may be assigned to a C.E.O., celebrity, high net worth individual or any other domestic or visiting dignitary.

We focus intently on the corporate sector as opposed to the work that is carried out in the more hostile regions of the world. The majority of the work in which U.S. based E.P. agents will be engaged revolves around large corporations and those who have a need for the ultimate in personal security.

Our executive protection training is fully certified by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (D.C.J.S.). Some of the topics and areas of study include:

  • Applicable sections of the Code of Virginia and a study of the laws that pertain to other states
  • Assessment of Threat and Protectee Vulnerability – studies of famous assassinations and assassination attempts such as Prime Minister Rabin and President Reagan
  • Legal Authority and Civil Law
  • Protective Detail Operations, Motorcades, Attacks on Motorcade
  • Tactical driving, Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance
  • Site Surveys and Advances
  • Emergency Procedures, Communications and Electronics
  • Cultures and Comparative Religions
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • CPR, Self Defense and Conflict Resolution
  • Practical Exercises involving: attacks on client, establishing and maintaining a Command Post (C.P.) and Advance Surveys
  • International Protective Details
  • How to get accepted on to a Detail
  • Networking your way to success

It is of the utmost importance to us that we provide top tier training at our centers.  Our  Director of Training, at SEXTON, has 29 years experience in law enforcement, non-governmental organizations such as the U.N. and with corporations.  He has worked extensively throughout West and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  While the PPS course is designed to be informative and will prove to be educational and stimulating to all practitioners, we can not stress enough the importance of ongoing training and advanced learning.  Our instructors come from varied backgrounds such as: Police S.W.A.T., the Secret Service, C.I.A., F.B.I., U.N., Corporate America and military Special Forces.

If you are wondering if this course may be too complicated for those with less experience, it is most definitely not.  As with many things in life, novices may pick up bad habits if they do not receive the proper training from the very beginning. The same thing is true for those who are already working in the field.

Just as all people are not created equal, so too holds true for training schools. Unfortunately, there are too many schools around who do little more than show bodyguard videos and tell “war stories”. The old adage is as relevant today as it ever was: “You get what you pay for”. Those who have attended one of the more highly recognized training schools in the country will be known for their wise choice.

A reputable school and a competent faculty can assist an agent with getting chosen for an elite detail, while those who attended a “bargain basement” course will not. Those of us in the field and those clients making the hiring decisions realize the value of attending one of the “Ivy league” training centers in the nation.

Upon successful completion of our course and graduation, each attendee will receive a certificate of completion of the Personal Protection Specialist Course. This certificate will entitle the holder to apply to the Dept. of Criminal Justice Services for registration as a PPS. Attendees will also receive a certificate of training in Terrorism Awareness.