U.S. Ship attacked by Somali Pirates

It is being described as the “first time in living memory”, that a U.S. flagged ship has been attacked by pirates.

The Maersk Alabama with a cew of 20 Americans was attacked and seized earlier today in the Indian Ocean. The closest “protecting” battleship was 345 miles away at the time.

In a rare turn of events, the crew this time attacked the pirates and regained control of the ship. This is the first report of a crew turning on the pirates and chasing them overboard.

Unfortunately, as they were scuttling overboard, the pirates managed to grab the U.S. Captain and are now holding him hostage on the lifeboat used to make their escape. It will be interesting to see how the U.S. Navy handles the incident. Hopefully the Captain will be released unharmed, but it is bound to change the nature of these all-too-common hijackings we have come to expect in that part of the world.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The cargo of food aid for the World Food Program, was intended for 2.4 million people in Somalia alone: http://bit.ly/318ZdW

    The people most affected by the piracy are the people who can least afford it.

    It’s frustrating watching people who have almost nothing, having that little taken away from them!

  2. Jerry MacCauley says:

    We’re seeing how our country is responding. We’ve sent several battleships to the area to surround (get this)4 pirates in a lifeboat! At least the ships crew grew a pair and regained control of their ship. They even patched up a pirate who got banged up. Now the world can watch as we negotiate the release of the ships captain. What is there to negotiate? We’ve spent billions training SF to handle Hostage rescue but this “New World” leader is afraid that someone might be offended if we use force (or stealth) to rescue one of our own. Feel safer yet?

  3. Jerry M says:

    The Captain was finally rescued by our SF guys. Incredibly, 3 simultaneous head shots ended the kidnapping. During the Pentagon briefing(which was attended by about 10 reporters)it was suggested that our Commander-in-Chief ordered the use of force. However when pressed, it was determined that those orders are SOP when the Navy conducts an oepration involving imminent death of an American. Perhaps these events could be reduced if decisive action was taken immediately rather than making a hostage wait for 4 or 5 days.

    Anyone notice how many of our Coalition Partners made themselves available to assist? In fact, when an Italian flagged vessal was taken over today, the outrage was immediate. Why wouldn’t the American Navy rescue the Italians when they were so willing to use force to save an American? I wonder where the Italian Navy was.

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