Washington Wizzards players pull guns on each other over gambling debt

As I listened to the report on WTOP radio this morning, I couldn’t understand how such stupidity is allowed to continue in professional Sports. “Continue”, since this problem keeps rearing up its ugly head.

To clarify, for those who are reading the blog outside of the United States, I have to add; professional sports in the U.S.A. What is the fixation that NBA and NFL sports stars have with guns? Gentlemen, this is not the Wild West and we are not in the early 1800′s.

The Huffington Post reports that Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton of the Washington Wizzards drew guns on each other over a gambling debt owed by Arenas. Whilst Arenas appears to be the one making the headlines, Crittenton seems to be no less accountable as he must have had a gun on his person or within easy reach of his locker to be able to respond in kind.

In the same report, Arenas seems to be treating the whole thing as a bit of a joke. Maybe Plaxico Burress did too, but that was before he was locked away in a jail cell for two years. Washington D.C. is anything but a gun-friendly type of town. Possession of a firearm is a felony charge and each bullet carries a separate felony charge.

He (and the NBA) make it sound like it is all just a “misunderstanding”, since he claims to have taken the guns to work in order to turn them over to the Police. Oh, by the way, they weren’t loaded. I wonder if the gun he got into trouble with in California back in 2003 wasn’t loaded either?

Mark Heisler who writes for the Chicago Tribune Sports sums it up well when he says that these young stars who reach dizzying heights just don’t have the common sense it takes to remain grounded.

Its a shame that their associations aren’t willing to do more for them. There are so many alternatives to carrying an illegal firearm in order to protect yourself, especially when you are earning $111 million dollars.

Then again, maybe a few years of mandatory jail time will help them wake up and smell the coffee….jailhouse coffee….they may even be brewing it themselves.

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