Welcome to the E.P. Graduates of Las Vegas, 2009

Sexton Executive Security held the last E.P. training class of 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada last week. We welcome new professionals from Las Vegas, Oregon, South Carolina, Los Angeles and Illinois into the fold.

It is such a rewarding feeling to start out with a group of people who do not know each other, with varying levels of experience and watch how they come together over the training course. By the time graduation comes long, they look like they have been working together as a team for months.

The team were protecting some “Principals” headed into the Bellagio on Friday night after witnessing the fountain display outside. As they walked in through the revolving doors, Chris “Jesus” Fergusson, the famous Poker Star walked past them, about three feet away.

Not one of those protectors took their eye off the Principals during this training exercise, eventhough a famous personality walked right by them. That is a great sign and shows that they are true professionals and have a bright future ahead of them.

Later in the weekend, on Sunday afternoon I was playing a few hands of Texas Hold’em in the Hard Rock with a colleague. Matthew Bellamy, lead singer and guitarist with “The Muse” was playing at the table with us. When he got up to go cach his flight for Los Angeles, most of the other people at the table got up to have their picture taken with him.

Myself and my colleague continued about our business. If you are going to work as an E.P. agent, you have to learn not to be distracted by personalities and remember that you have a job to do and that your Prinicpal always comes first.

Most of us know of agents who have been fired for thinking they were on holidays because they were accompanying a client on a trip or who got carried away in the moment. Stay strong and stay focused.

Don’t be distracted even if “Jesus” does walk past.

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