What is the best way to find a P.I.?

Where would you find a good P.I.? Should you even settle for good? Wouldn’t it make more sense to find a great one? PInow.com Investigation news gave some useful pointers in their editorial yesterday.

I decided to write about this after seeing a request on a local listserve. I wrote and advised the person that it would be difficult to judge the quality of the investigator by such a general posting. To my amazement, the reply came back; “I know…some time I just post the job, close my eyes and hope for the best”.

Hope for the best? Surely nobody would say such a thing to their client when they are getting that retainer. I can understand “hoping” for the weekend to be dry if you are having a picnic, or “hoping” that your football team wins the game on Sunday…but “hoping” an investigator does a decent job?

One of the better and more professional way to find a reputable investigator or investigaive agency, is to contact a local State association such as PIAVA (www.piava.org), or an international association such as the Council of International Investigators (www.cii2.org). Members of these associations have not only been carefully vetted, but they are held accountable since their professional reputations are riding on every assignment.

Good investigators can help your attorny win that child custody case, save the company from a false suit by an unethical employee claiming a make believe injury, help you find the fraudster that ran off with the company’s clients or funds and many other useful tasks. A bad one can take your money and give you next to nothing in return.

Please make sure you only ever hire the good ones.

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