When the hunter becomes the hunted

This story is dedicated to those who try to be their own investigator and conduct their own surveillance.

We conduct thousands of hours of surveillance – employment, workman’s comp, domestic law, etc. Every now and again we will have clients tell us that they have been following the spouse/significant other/employee and we immediately tell them that they are not only breaking the law but exposing themselves to danger.

Think about it – if you are an employer or spouse of the person you are following, doesn’t it stand to reason that if they see you they will recognize you? In Virginia they then can call the Police and have you arrested for stalking.

The investigator in this story literally became the prey. Without knowing the full facts of the case, I can only suspect that the investigator was inexperienced since an experienced investigator would not have put themselves in that situation.

The article mentions that the investigator was on the person’s private land – that would suggest that he was trespassing. Getting mistaken for a turkey and shot by the person you are supposed to observing – you’d be safer going hunting with Dick Cheney.

When you need an investigator – don’t be a D.I.Y. P.I. Hire a professional – but verify their experience.

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