Work-place violence kills many U.S. workers every year.

Our company is hired regularly to make sure that fired employees do not come back to work and kill a supervisor or fellow colleagues.

When people hear that Corporations hire bodyguards to work in their Corporations pending and following company terminations they are surprised. This surprises me. Every year, workplace violence makes the “top ten” list of serious concerns facing U.S. businesses.

Yesterday, on WTOP radio station I heard the phrase; “Desk Rage” for the first time. Unfortunately it is very appropriate. Some people have very bad tempers and an argument or decision at work can lead to them getting a weapon and committing homicide. This was evidenced a couple of weeks ago in Kentucky when five factory workers were killed by an employee who had been slightly reprimanded.

Employers do have a responsibility to ensure a safe work place environment. That is the reason companies hire us. If we are called in and are onsite when a violent worker returns intent on hurting people, we will be the ones to stop him or her from committing the act.

Fellow workers should report incidents involving any type of inappropriate behavior, especially instances where people are likely to get hurt, or worse. Very rarely does an employee just go ballistic or “postal” for no reason. The most common cause of work place homicides are domestic situations. An employee with a dangerous spouse/significant other who has just been arrested on domestic violence charges or has been served with a protective should be brought to a supervisor’s attention immediately.

With so much rage in schools, on the road and in the home, the Police have their hands full just reacting to situations where many times the SWAT team will be called in. Private security companies are a great resource to the business community as Police do not have the resources to sit for days and wait to see if something will happen.

Be part of the solution. Report all potentially dangerous situations in the workplace to a supervisor.

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