Workplace Violence is more of a concern with companies than Terrorism

We’ve said it here before – violence in the workplace – often resulting in death, is one of the main concerns facing U.S. businesses every year.

While terrorism is something that is never too far from our minds these days, most companies are far more likely to experience a workplace violence incident than a terrorist attack.

This is further reinforced by an article in which a senior accounts manager for a defense and Security Solutions company states that W.P.V. concerns far outweigh and is more prevalent than threats of terrorism.

Another interesting point raised is that relating to background checks. While the majority of companies do conduct background checks (around 65%, which means that many still do not), less than 5% conduct any periodic check once the employee has been hired.

If no further checking is hardly ever carried out, that means that 95% of companies are leaving it up to the employee to tell them when they have been arrested or served with a restraining order. I am hoping that when business owners see this in print, they will realize how bad that sounds.

How many spouses/significant others could be expected to come into work on Monday morning and inform the HR Dept., that they spent the weekend in jail for beating their mate? Or that they have been charged with possessing narcotics with the intent to distribute?

About 2 years ago we were called in by a Govt. contractor to prevent workplace violence from occurring when they fired an employee who had been charged by the Police for operating a Meth Lab on his off-hours. Thankfully a corporate investigator discovered the case and when they checked into the employee more fully, also discovered that he had been stealing company supplies and selling them on E-Bay.

It’s wise to think about terrorism, but don’t forget to look for problems that may be lurking right under your nose.

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