You can now catch a thief on your cell phone!

I was recently introduced to an incredible new security and safety product that looks set to revolutionize the alarm world.

It is an all portable wireless alarm system. The sensors are “peel and stick” and may be placed on any surface. If you place it on your house/apartment door and an unauthorized person opens the door, the unit will take a picture of the intruder and immediately send the picture to your cell phone.

The Police are going to love that. I can see this system becomming so popular that in a couple of years people who have their car stolen and report it to the Police will be criticized for not having this alarm.

“What do you mean you don’t have a picture of the thief?”, the cop will ask, “everybody gets a picture of the thief nowadays”.

Seriously though, this new system is going to be a great tool for renters in apartments, college dorms and for parents of the young and the elderly. I was recently hired to investigate thefts from a number of tenants in an apartment building.

Even if we fail to identify the thief(s), I can now give those who have lost valuables some peace of mind for the future. Heretofore, the big alarm companies were not interested in wiring apartments. Now renters have a solution – and there is no wiring needed.

Where would we be without all of this technology?

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