You may not even know it, but a Bodyguard may be protecting your colleague as you work.

I just came across an excellent workplace violence article written by reporter, Andrea James.

The article raises many points that I am sure many of us have or would overlook if it was not brought to our attention. The director of New Beginnings, a Seattle based non-profit that provides advocacy and shelter for victims made the point that while going home after a hard day’s work is something that many employees look forward to, for victims of domestic abuse, work is the only place that provides them safety and a sanctuary from a tortured home life.

Our company is frequently requested by employers to provide covert bodyguards for employees with domestic problems at home. The reason for this is due to the fact that physical violence at home, quite often spills into the workplace by the abuser and when that happens, the liklihood of the domestic partner and other co-workers getting hurt or even killed is very real.

Employers know that they have a responsibility to keep the workplace safe so they hire companies like ours to have trained personal protection specialists blend in at the place of empoyment and watch out for the identified threat. Just about 100% of the time the victim of the abuse is a female employee but this article and the comments that follow show that males also suffer from domestic violence.

It is the opinion of our company that we will see even more workplace violence, domestic and otherwise, as companies continue to practice cost cutting tactics like downsizing and layoffs due to the worsening economy. Other related predictions would be thefts from the workplace, increase in fraud and embezzlement, an increase in Resume/CV fabrications as more and more people compete for fewer jobs.

This all goes to show that employers have to be more astute and procative in making sound hiring decisions, being alert for internal theft and abuse and being proactive when it comes to workplace violence.

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  1. Kim Wells says:

    There is a national non-profit organization of businesses with a specific mission to address the issue called the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence. There is a lot of information on the website at that employers can take a look at to help them in formulating policies and programs to address domestic violence as a workplace issue.

    Best – Kim

  2. John Sexton says:

    Thank you for sharing that with us. We agree wholeheartedly. Employers need to be proactive when it comes to addressing this issue and should adopt a “zero tolerance” policy for violence in the workplace.

  3. Violence in the Workplace says:

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